Thursday, October 28, 2004

Warmups, 10/27

Woohoo, I broke the 200 word mark with today's 5 minute warmup. The word was 'Revenge'. This one even has a beginning, middle, and end!

Billy glanced in the driver’s side mirror at the pickup truck in the opposite lane.

“You better see me…I’m right here,” he muttered under his breath as he flipped the left signal on and began making the turn into the mall.

The shrill sound of a horn blared out and Billy swore, stomping on the brake pedal with both feet. Swerving out of the lane, Billy just barely avoided the collision with the truck, which had lazily made a left turn as well, crossing over into his lane. Billy fumed, his vision turning bright red as he stomped on the accelerator and laid into the horn, coming up close behind and tailgating the truck. Visions of him taking his revenge on the other driver flashed through his mind as he imagined himself pulling the other driver out of the vehicle and bludgeoning him to death with an ice scraper.

Billy followed the car into the crowded parking lot, waiting for the other vehicle to park in order to box him in. The driver slowed and stopped, having obviously glanced in the rearview and noticed the crazed driver behind him. His upper lip curling into a snarl, Billy accelerated sharply and swerved around the truck, shooting an evil look at the driver as he sped past—directly into the side door of a motorist vacating a parking space.


prodigal_agent said...

Whoa, guy. I had no idea you had such a sick, twisted mind. But no, really, that's the kind of crap I love to read. So, have you come up with an idea for your NaNo story, yet?

Chiron said...

arrr I need a plot :P