Saturday, October 30, 2004


After feeling incredibly depressed and clueless this morning, I sat down and started brainstorming. I dredged up some old characters and jotted down some ideas and concepts that have been percolating the last week. My 1000 word ramble I wrote a few days ago came in handy as well; I found some good ideas in between the nonsense. As a bonus: Apple Core Man lives!

Everyone in the NaNo forums is great.

My plot ideas so far: something cliche. I may just parody the Sci-fi/Fantasy genre, or it could turn into something completely different. Absurdity and humor are two of my strengths, so I'm going to run with that and do something totally off the wall. In any case, if I get stuck it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something.

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prodigal_agent said...

Cool. I'll try to work on mine, but my laptop has a lousy battery that only allows 25 minutes of operation before you have to plug it into an outlet. >:(
Whatever, there's always the tried and true writing it down method. :/