Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Warmups, 10/25

I'm attempting to get into some sort of writing shape, even if it is still flabby and weak. I did 137 words, and what I have here is pretty ok I think, even if it did take way too long to write. I still tend to string quite a few big words together, which can make everything sound a bit wordy, but maybe that's just my style. There was a kid in my creative writing class back in high-school who would always write some form of comment about my work along the lines of "Great piece...if you like vocab words."

Anyway, here it is:

Light, agitating the seminal interludes between vast vortices of twisting neutrino energies, bathe the Consciousness. Colors facet and splay across the empty landscape of nothing, contorting and whirling into various geometrics and patterns. Like a paint-by-number, pictures coalesce into shape as the Consciousness passes, seeming to imbue life where it lingers. These various hues throb and pulse into existence, at first dim and difficult to make out, then slowly, rhythmically, brightening. Although this process seems random at first, an outline switches into existence, a faint black pencil outline showing unfathomable patterns and objects. Blurry and indistinct, this unrealized potential cries out for the Consciousness, clamoring for shape and volume. So the intelligence moves, slowly but with purpose, bestowing life and meaning upon all He touches, creating Something from that which was Nothing.

I am a writer.

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