Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I like to read the pictures.

This is either pure genius or sheer lunacy. However, everyone thought the DS was a joke at first too, so they may actually be onto something here. With that said, this is hilarious if a bit extreme.

They've said that old NES games will be available, and if you rotate the controller it becomes an old school NES pad. My old Nintendo is lost somewhere in the bowels of my parents home, so this is a feature I'd be interested in. I still have yet to introduce Super Mario Bros. to my daughter; this looks a lot less frustrating than Ebaying a Nintendo and reliving the nightmare of blowing in the cart, then carefully aligning it in the deck to obtain the mythical position the game will actually run in.

It's time for a bit of WoW now I think. The random plot generated story wasn't all that great anyway. OMG BUGZ!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111oneoneoneo!1

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Steaky!!! said...

My favorite part of the Revolution video is the reinforcing of the well known fact that "All hot asian girls like to whack some bugs." Yes sir, they do!